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Featuring Dan O’Toole – Dronedek Chairman & CEO


Each episode will typically feature company and investor updates, glimpses behind the curtain and into the board room, and messages from Dan to the Dronedek community.

The Last Episode of The Dan Show! In this episode we cover:

  • 1) This is our last episode of The Dan Show – we’re transitioning to more widely-scoped content centered around the company and the industry versus Dan
  • 2) Business and product development updates
  • 3) Crowdfunding and capital raise updates

Episode 5 is in time for turkey! In this Thanksgiving episode we cover:

  • -Investing in Dronedek is now LIVE on StartEngine! (
  • -The Dronedek infomercial kicked off on 11/21, airing on cable and satellite television
  • -Dronedek recently collaborated with Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business; other academic collaborations include Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Purdue, and more to be announced
  • -Dan introduces (most of) the Dronedek team!
  • -Short clip of drone flythrough of road with four first-gen commercial smart mailboxes; drone delivery demonstration to Dronedek

Episode 4 is here! This episode has several important announcements including:

  • -Updates on our upcoming raises on StartEngine and America’s Next Investment
  • -New 2nd generation residential unit product glimpses
  • -Dronedek alongside the universities of Purdue Notre Dame, Rutgers, and Virginia Tech
  • -And of course, just a bit more!

Episode 3 is a full episode with a lot of info and excitement:

  • 1) Looking back at Phase 1 of our inaugural pilot program in Lawrence, Indiana and recapping a few of our recent investor visits!
    -Deliveries by US Postal Service, drivers from DoorDash and UberEats, drone deliveries to Dronedeks of McDonald’s and Culvers
    -Featured on local news and national news 
  • 2) New additions to the Dronedek Board of Directors
    -Mark Hamm (former VP, Innovation with FedEx), Kevin McAdams (VP, Last Mile Logistics with US Postal Service), and Bill Stafford (Solutions Delivery Manager, Robotics Business Technology at Verizon)
  • 3) Additional updates:
    -We’ve obtained clearance to expand our IP portfolio to the world and have designated our first 20 countries
    -New residential smart mailboxes model v2 revealed
    -Commemorating our pilot launch and recognizing the historic day (Guinness Book of World Records? Smithsonian Institution?)
  • 4) Additional clips:
    -News clips from our pilot launch (Fox and Friends, WISH-TV, WTHR)
    -Video from our demonstration for UPS and the City of Lawrence highlighting smart mailboxes and drone delivery

Episode 2 is full of information! In this episode we cover:

  • 1) Recent Dronedek news
    -Recent Nasdaq tower picture
    -Our stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict
    -Partnership announcements – Vayu Aerospace/ElecJet, Hush Aerospace, Speedy Eats
    -Recent event attended – Autonomous Day 2.0 with Purdue@WestGate
  • 2) News from around the markets
    -New potential FAA regulations and how they positively affect our efforts (new Part 108)
  • 3) What’s up next?
    -Upcoming events, light Lawrence pilot program update, First 3000 Investors plaque
    -The Dronedek shop back online with new items
    -We’re currently seeking new pilot program partners
    -Own a business or restaurant and want to explore drone delivery to a Dronedek ?
    -We’re also looking for installation experts and service providers

In Episode 1 of The Dan Show, CEO Dan O’Toole spends time talking about:

  • -How we wrapped up 2021
    -How we started off 2022
    -Exciting news around the markets and advanced delivery tech
    -Arrival of plaques engraved with names of our first 3k investors (including a sneak peek!)
    -Announcement of our new term MaaS (Mailbox as a Service) and the start of MaaSive action!
    -Invitation to inquire about pilot programs and drone delivery partnerships
    -Investing updates

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