Q. How and why is DRONEDEK a viable business?

A. DRONEDEK holds the first granted US utility patent for secured, smart drone and UAV delivery. As such, DRONEDEK is poised to be the brand leader in this significant developing space.

Q. How long will it be before drones are making deliveries?

A. It is widely believed that drones and autonomous unmanned vehicles will begin making deliveries in the next 18-24 months.

Q. What is the value of DRONEDEK?

A. The value of DRONEDEK is born out of it’s granted United States utility patent. Further to that value, DRONEDEK has 2 Patent Continuations (CIP’S) that are making their way through the USPTO. When granted, DRONEDEK will have the most extensive, robust and comprehensive patent portfolio in the drone delivery space.

Q. How did DRONEDEK develop the IP and related patent?

A. DRONEDEK holds rights to the IP which were developed by the founding principal of the company over the last 5 years.The patent application was filed with the US patent office and subsequently granted. DRONEDEK has funded a freedom to operate evaluation which came back favorable.

Q. What is DRONEDEK’S business strategy?

A. DRONEDEK has a multi-dimensional business model. Our direction is to begin to develop the DRONEDEK platform and validate it through a market test. DRONEDEK has a 3-tier revenue model; 1-subscription based, 2-big data monetization and 3-platform access licensing fees. Please see our financial modeling for more information.

Q. How will the funds raised be used?

A. DRONEDEK has prepared a Cash Use Schedule. The Use Schedule provides the forecast company cash requirements for the next 18-24 months.

Q. How/when can investors exit and get their initial investment and return on investment back?

A. An investment in DRONEDEK is a speculative investment and only for accredited investors. The return on capital in not guaranteed. The intent of the investment is for long-term holding periods of 5-7 years or longer. Depending on the actual financial results and subsequent funding rounds Series A investors may liquidate their member Interest as part of the subsequent funding round, if the market exists and the investor has held their interest 180 Days. See the offering for more details.

Q. Where will the DRONEDEK product be manufactured?

A. Currently, we have not determined that. We will be evaluating this decision on several factors that are being compiled currently.

Q. What will be the cost of a DRONEDEK?

A. In our projection model we anticipate the cost of a DRONEDEK to be $1,000. The model calls for a subscriber based business, whereby the user simply subscribes to the DRONEDEK phone app and gets the use of the DRONEDEK for a nominal monthly fee.

Q. Where will the first DRONEDEK’S be located?

A. Initially, a test market will take place in a willing community. Once DRONEDEK is vetted, we will begin to roll out the platform on a national basis.


Q. How will DRONEDEK compete with commercial logistics firms, national retailers and online merchandise companies?

A. It is DRONEDEK’S vision to create a standardized, platformagnostic solution, to be welcoming to all shippers, senders, receivers and deliverers. Utilizing the DRONEDEK patent to create the ultimate value for the user experience is our Intention.

Q. Can others enter the market to compete with DRONEDEK for market share?

A. The DRONEDEK patent puts DRONEDEK in a market dominant Position. As we emerge as the market leader, armed with our patent portfolio, we believe that a much better choice would be for potential competitors to work with us, not against us.

Q. Who are some of the market players that DRONEDEK will work with or compete against.

A. The space in which DRONEDEK will compete has some of the largest companies in the world in it. Amazon, Google, Walmart, Uber, Sony, Target, The US Postal Service, Fedex, UPS, DHL and others make it one of the largest market opportunities in the world today. It is our goal to work as a vendor/partner with each and every shipper and deliverer to monetize every delivery.

Q. How does the startup phase integrate with the 5 year projection and forecasted operational plan?

A. DRONEDEK’S start-up phase includes a detailed budget, along with a source and use schedule at the end of the estimated 18-24 month start-up phase and after the initial Series A raise. The financial model year 1 begins as DRONEDEK is developing its runway up to the point where customer installations begin to take place.

Q. Is it possible DRONEDEK will sell out to a large concern such as Amazon, UPS, The United States Postal Service or others?

A. Yes. As the platform evolves and the market comes into clarity it is possible an acquirer may emerge. In that case, DRONEDEK will evaluate any and all opportunities and determine the best value course for the company and its equity holders.

Q. How large is the potential market for DRONEDEK?

A. The US market is immense. There are over 160,000,000 addresses and each day 4,000 new addresses are added.

Q. Please explain the DRONEDEK start-up phase?

A. DRONEDEK start-up phase is the 18-24 month period prior to year 1 in the financial forecasts. The start-up phase is pre-revenue. Prior to activating and installing subscription-based customer DRONEDEK service equipment.

Q. How will DRONEDEKS be installed, operated, maintained, etc.?

A. DRONEDEK will be responsible for significant revenue opportunities through manufacturing, installation, maintenance and use. To that point, DRONEDEK will implement a contract manufacturer, installer, ongoing maintenance as well as licensing shippers, receivers and delivere that will have access to the platform.

Q. How much will I get back for each unit I purchase if I hold on for the long run?

A. There are no guarantees about return. All of the disclaimers are spelled out in the offering prospectus.

Q. Where is DRONEDEK based and from where do you operate?

A. DRONEDEK operates on the north east Indianapolis and our plans are to continue to stay in Indianapolis.


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