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The DRONEDEK Patent Portfolio

DRONEDEK boasts two United States issued Utility Patents. DRONEDEK filed for its first patent in 2014 and it was issued in 2017. DRONEDEK received its second patent in 2019, galvanizing its strong first position in the drone delivery space.  DRONEDEK successfully beat Amazon, The United States Postal Service and others by just days in its IP filings.

DRONEDEK is the First Utility Patent Issued for Drone Package Receiving and Storage. It is for receiving or sending food, medicine, groceries or parcels. It is a secure porch, roof, window, house, or building mounted box and may be secured to an existing edifice or mailbox post. The box interior is temperature controlled and has a curved bottom to mitigate the abruptness of dropping an item.

The DRONEDEK may employ different technological devices for communication including GPS information to and from the drone, a barcode scanner that signals when delivery is complete, and a security camera with image confirmation. The company applied for and was awarded two Utility Patents for receiving Aerial Drone Delivery of parcel packages in the USA. The Utility Patents grant exclusive right of use, Trademark Serial No. 88522545: Operational Business model and forecasts includes our residential subscription model, big data play and platform access licencing, plus a one time installation fee.

All of the advantages gained through the efficient, green, cost-effective and speedy delivery via aerial drone, robot or autonomous vehicle are lost when the endpoint is a yard, porch or driveway.  To truly harness all of the advantages of drone delivery DRONEDEK must be the endpoint.

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