The Dronedek Patent Portfolio

Dronedek holds two granted US Patents from its initial applications holding a 2014 priority.  It has continued to bolster its protected features and functions with additional patents pending in both the US and the PCT/ WIPO.  International filings are considering which of the global markets provide the best opportunities and are focused on the top 20 nations representing over 80% of the global economy.  Listing and copies of the array of patents and applications are available upon request. 

Dronedek’s quickness puts its portfolio ahead of giants beating the filing position of the likes of Amazon, The United States Postal Service, UPS, Walmart, and others.

The patented, smart, and secured receptacle ushers in the new era of package and postal delivery. All of the advantages and features provide efficient, green, cost-effective and speedy delivery via aerial drone, robot or autonomous vehicle. 

Dronedek allows customers to fully automate their process from delivery through the last mile.

Dronedek may employ different technological devices for communication including GPS information to and from the drone, a barcode scanner that signals when delivery is complete, and a security camera with image confirmation.

Optional features protected by the patents and applications include: a sensor-equipped, fully autonomous landing pad receptacle; a receptacle for receiving or sending food, medicine, groceries, or parcels; a secure receptacle on a porch, roof, window, house, building, existing edifice or mailbox post; interior temperature control (hot and cold holding section); a curved bottom to mitigate damage to the parcel from abrupt drops; infrared, ultraviolet or ozone virus and bacteria prevention including anthrax and COVID; detection of explosive materials; in-ground vaults for HOA restrictions; mobility on trucks, boats and trailers; weather monitoring station, traffic, human and pet movement with facial recognition cameras; powered by a solar panel and/or 110-volt electrical; assist mechanism for robot/AUVS; and a charging station or battery exchange to the drones and UAVs.

Dronedek holds US trademarks and several US and foreign applications protecting its brands.

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