Why Drone Delivery is a Win for Quick-Service Restaurants

Consumer expectations for delivery are getting loftier.

FEBRUARY 18, 2022 | ​​​​​​​YARIV BASH | Source: qsrmagazine.com

We’ve all gotten used to instant gratification—books and TV shows on demand, Amazon orders within days, etc.

Enter drone deliveries: automated, airborne robots traveling as the crow flies, bringing food piping hot straight to your doorstep; or dropping off a toothbrush in a matter of minutes at your house to replace the one you can’t find in the morning; or flying in that one missing ingredient you need in a pinch for your recipe. Drone deliveries used to seem like science fiction—tiny little unmanned planes making deliveries straight to your backyard. But nowadays, they happen each and every day—even every hour—and the pandemic has only intensified a trend that was already underway. 

What does this on-demand drone delivery revolution mean for the food and drink sector?

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