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What Is Last Mile Tracking? Why Does It Matter?

Optimizing the last mile, also known as the final mile, has always been a challenge and a lucrative goal for businesses. Companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx invest hundreds of millions into research, testing, and improving the last mile.

On the receiving end, customers have relished in same-day shipping options and are willing to pay a premium price to get their parcels delivered before the day ends. With how much has recently changed in the world of logistics, companies are forced to rethink their delivery strategies to make that last mile quicker and better. 

Last mile tracking was the solution to a more transparent delivery service. Here’s what last mile tracking is and why it matters to customers all over the world.

What is a Last Mile Carrier?

First off, what is a last mile carrier?

The last mile is when a package is just about to be delivered to the customer. The last mile carrier is the delivery man on your doorstep and the van that drives to your street. 

What is Last Mile Carrier Tracking?

If you’re the type to order items online a lot, you’ve used last mile tracking already.

Last mile carrier tracking is when you can see where your parcel or item is at all times through your delivery app. You’re updated whenever your parcel is shipped, received, and headed your way. This is especially important for same-day deliveries so that customers know when to expect a delivery truck to arrive at their houses. 

For carriers and businesses? Tracking the last mile gives delivery companies a clear view of what’s happening to the packages and if they’re getting to customers on time. 

The Importance of Last Mile Carrier Tracking

Aside from just seeing a moving dot on your screen, last mile tracking provides several important features that are critical to both consumers and delivery companies. Here are the most important benefits of last mile tracking.

  1. Customers Receive Text Alerts

Real-time transit info also means customers can automatically receive text alerts when a package is headed their way. As a customer, not only are you updated and prepared to receive your package, but the delivery driver doesn’t have to wait around to see if anybody is home too. 

  1. Communication Between Courier and Customers

Customers who aren’t home are a real-life problem that couriers have to deal with. Having drivers and customers talk to each other is a priceless convenience. If you’ve had problems with porch thieves stealing your packages, a simple text message to your courier could have him deliver it to the back! (Dronedek completes the last mile with an autonomous, smart and secure receptacle to accept your delivery)

  1. Provides Proof of Delivery

Losing your package and having no one to blame is a nightmare. Likewise, a delivery man getting blamed for stealing packages can get an innocent driver fired. Proof of delivery is an essential part of last mile delivery that ensures both parties that the package has been delivered.

Can Drones do Last Mile Delivery?

So here’s the important question.

With the rapid advancements in drone technology, having a flying package sent your way is quickly becoming a possibility. Drones aren’t blocked by traffic, can navigate quickly like a computer, and can work without breaks.


Some key advantages to doing a last mile delivery with a drone include:


Being environmentally friendly is a box that drone delivery easily checks off the list. Less fuel, less pollution, and more energy-efficient. Not to mention that clearing the road of delivery trucks would also help alleviate traffic.

Improving Last-Mile Logistics

Last mile delivery is usually the most expensive part of a package’s journey. Employing someone by the hour to drive a delivery truck to your doorstep costs more than half the entire delivery fee. Last mile delivery drones can efficiently decrease delivery costs by a mile. 


There’s a reason we aren’t seeing Amazon packages being hauled over the air yet and here’s why:

Legal and Safety Concerns

Safety is a major concern, especially when handling objects that are prone to breaking. Even if that could be solved, delivery companies still have to face proper legislation to make drone delivery legal across the whole country. (Some states allow drone delivery and even make use of Dronedek to secure delivers made by drones)

Technological Limitations

Drones are simply not efficient enough to be a secure and reliable last mile carrier in all instances and geographical markets. Even Amazon’s millions of dollars into research haven’t quite nailed that yet. 


Last mile tracking allows customers and delivery companies to track packages wherever they go. This lets customers prepare to receive their package, even going so far as to receive texts from the delivery drivers when necessary. 

With advances in legislation and drone technology, we could be seeing a world where drones handle the last mile of deliveries. When that happens, the data and information from last mile tracking will be pivotal to ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. 

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