What Everyone Should Know About Last Mile Delivery

Dronedek, a company specializing in smart mailboxes for drone deliveries, focuses on the last (and most important) mile

04/11/22, 04:14 PM

Source: roboticstomorrow.com

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – (April 11, 2022) – Every time we place an order for something that we will receive by delivery, we give little thought to what happens next. With the order submitted, we go on about our day. On the other end, however, the wheels have been put into motion to get the package delivered to the person. Depending on the distance the item will travel, it can make numerous stops and be handled by many people. However, the last mile is the most important during the delivery process, and the more people know about it, the better off they will be.

“The last mile that a package travels to make it to the intended destination is costly and leads to the most issues,” says Dan O’Toole, the founder and chief executive officer of Dronedek. “We aim to help improve the system, so the last mile is no longer the dreaded mile.”

The last mile the package travels, Dronedek shares, is the most expensive part of the delivery cycle. According to Business Insider, the last mile delivery costs comprise 53% of the total expense to deliver the item. It’s also the most inefficient part of the delivery cycle. During this part, things such as vehicles, drivers, fuel, and accounting for stolen packages come into play. It’s these issues that Dronedek is out to solve with its new high-tech delivery system.

Focusing on the last mile in the delivery cycle, Dronedek uses drone technology to get the package to the intended destination. Their system has a patented safe and secure receptacle that a drone delivers to. Dubbed as the “mailbox of the future,” Dronedek provides receptacles this year, so the future is here.

Dronedek is leading the way in changing the way goods are transported.

Some of the reasons for this include:

  • They are embracing the shift toward autonomy. Autonomous delivery addresses fuel and labor costs and human error expenses. The new changes will help address the labor shortages in the industry and make it more affordable. Plus, electric vehicles are an essential move for protecting the environment, and they can reduce overall delivery costs dramatically.
  • The rapid growth of the e-commerce sector has severely backlogged the supply chain. Over the last couple of years, many people spent more time at home and turned to order online for their goods.
  • Technological advances and process improvements. There are challenges associated with the last mile of delivery, which means it’s time for new methods and change.
  • Customers always demand faster, cheaper deliveries (with little to no brand loyalty). Drone delivery has been identified as one of the quickest and most affordable delivery sources and one of the most scalable.

“Most people realize that there are problems with receiving their deliveries, including with them being stolen from the porch,” added O’Toole. “It’s time for radical changes in the delivery industry, which will benefit companies and consumers alike. We’re proud to be at the forefront of the changes.”

Dronedek allows people to receive package deliveries and outgoing mailings through a safe and secure receptacle. The receptacle is a patented, smart receptacle that works with a drone to ensure that packages are received and are allowed to be taken only by those who own the case. The receptacle has been designed to protect the items from the weather and would-be thieves. Users can monitor the delivery on an app on their phones.

Founded by Dan O’Toole, Dronedek has raised $7.1 million, helping to bring the receptacles to market this year. Dubbed as the “mailbox of the future,” the receptacle will help people send and receive packages securely, safely and provides privacy. The company recently announced it has partnered with Nova Labs, formerly Helium Inc. to allow for more significant wireless network expansion. Helium hotspots will be put into Dronedek in areas with limited coverage to help build out the network.

To see videos of how Dronedek works, visit Dronedek: The Next Generation Mailbox and New Dronedek Smart Receptacle. To learn more about DRONEDEK, visit the site: https://www.dronedek.com.

About Dronedek: Dronedek is a company offering a new way of sending and receiving packages of up to five pounds each. The device provides a safe, secure method of delivery that keeps the items in a patented receptacle. The receptacle offers complete protection from the weather and would-be thieves. The company was founded by Dan O’Toole, a patent holder and serial entrepreneur. The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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