Watch Now: Monday Minute January 31st 2022 – with Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn


Check out our thoughts and views on the world of restaurants, technology, and off-premise food in our round-up of some of last week’s hot news stories.

Articles mentioned: Is TikTok Kitchens over before it even began? + McDonald’s campaign promotes customer menu hacks

Stephan Soroka put a report out about the state of labor and the gig economy around the world and talked about this term ‘algorithmic transparency’ which proposes that gig workers should be able to see behind the curtain of how and why they are utilized in the way they are:

NextGen Mailboxes were featured by FoD and a company called DroneDek – what’s piqued your interest here?

The NRA has told Congress that 46% of restaurants did not receive the RRF grant could close without support. How will this play out?

Pizza Hut debuted a fully automated robot powered restaurant.

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