Taylor to Open First Highways in the Sky Thursday when Snacks are Delivered via Drone to at Lakes of Taylor Golf Course

Event Demonstrates the ‘Mailbox of the Future’ 

TAYLOR, Mich. – August 16, 2021 – DRONEDEK, one of the first companies in the world to patent a smart mailbox designed for secure drone delivery, will demonstrate the technology on Thursday, August 19, at the Lakes of Taylor Golf Club.

“We’re excited to give Taylor’s golfing community a peek at the future of package delivery,” said DRONEDEK Founder and CEO Dan O’Toole. “It should be a fun day.”

The demonstration will be the first time the company shows off its patented mailbox in Michigan and comes just a few days after its global debut. 

Designed to accept drone delivery, the mailbox also accepts traditional mail delivery, and is destined to become an everyday utility service like power or water, O’Toole said. The device is capable of keeping packages hot or cold; will alert users to package arrival; recharge drones; and even serve as an emergency alert if need be. An app controls when the device is opened for delivery and retrieval and its emergency alarm features.

Members of the media are encouraged to watch the demonstration on Holes 5 and 16 between 4 and 6 p.m. at the golf course at 25505 Northline Road.

O’Toole secured the first patent on the smart mailbox, beating out Amazon and the United States Postal Service by days. Traditional mailboxes have not been materially redesigned since 1858. He’s raised more than $5.5 million to roll-out the product via a combination of angel investors and a crowdsourcing campaign, which is ongoing. 

O’Toole said the time is ripe to disrupt traditional mail delivery as package delivery has greatly increased since the COVID pandemic struck. In the U.S. alone, 100 million packages are delivered daily to 160 million addresses, with 4,000 new addresses added every day. Ninety-one percent of those packages weigh five pounds or less. The DRONEDEK mailbox is 30.6 Inch (Top) X 27.1 Inch (Bottom) X 49.9 Inches (Height) and can easily accommodate most packages as well as traditional letters and other mail.

DRONEDEK solves three of the most critical challenges of delivering packages in “the last mile” by: 

  • Reducing expense – the average cost of drone delivery for that last mile is $1 compared to $2 by truck. 
  • Increasing efficiency – drone delivery eliminates the need for trucks to drive repeatedly through neighborhoods.
  • Providing absolute package security – packages are locked in the mailbox and opened only via owners’ app.

“Another issue we’re solving for businesses, specifically, is delayed or lost packages, many of which are highly time-sensitive,” O’Toole said. “No more losing important documents on a busy desk or mailroom. With DRONEDEK, you’re alerted when the package arrives, and it stays in a secure location until you unlock the mailbox to get it.”

DRONEDEK’s mailbox is designed for commercial and residential use, though the initial customer base is expected to be commercial with deliveries mainly to office parks and commercial enterprises. Eventually, experts believe 10 percent of drone deliveries will involve food items delivered to consumers.

About DRONEDEK: DRONEDEK completes the last mile of package delivery with its patented smart, secured receptacle technology. See the mailbox and learn more at DRONEDEK.com 

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