Smart mailboxes could soon be popping up all over the world

DroneDek just signed a worldwide distribution agreement


Jack Daleo Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Does anybody even use mailboxes anymore? It seems like utility bills, political flyers and cards from Grandma are just about the only things being delivered via snail mail. But that’s about to change — the mailbox is getting a makeover.

DroneDek is the company leading that charge. The maker of the so-called “mailbox of the future” has been hard at work developing its patented smart receptacles, mailboxes that are designed to handle deliveries via nearly any mode –– including drone –– as well as provide heating and cooling, charging, autonomous pickup, communication, security and a whole lot more.

DroneDek’s commercial applications have been limited since beating out Amazon and the U.S. Postal Service for a smart mailbox patent, but the company on Wednesday announced a massive deal with Indian technology and manufacturing conglomerate Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) that will see its smart mailboxes distributed worldwide.

BEL, a government-owned organization with a $6.7 billion market cap, primarily manufactures aerospace and defense products such as radar, missile systems and weapon system upgrades. As part of its agreement with DroneDek, the Bengaluru-based conglomerate will purchase up to $50 million worth of DroneDek smart receptacles, with units expected to be delivered by Q2 2022.

“DroneDek must work with the reliability and redundancy of a 747 airliner with 300 people on it,” said Dan O’Toole, DroneDek’s CEO and founder. “This new collaboration between BEL and DroneDek gives us the edge and credibility we have been looking for in the marketplace.”

DroneDek’s smart receptacles help simplify the last mile of deliveries in three main ways –– cost reduction, better efficiency and anti-theft security. 

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