Q&A with Dan O’Toole, CEO of DroneDek making Drone Package Delivery a reality with their Revolutionary Landing Pad Mail Box and Smartphone App

September 3, 2018 Issue | Source: ceocfointerviews.com

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior EditorCEOCFO Magazine, Published – September 3, 2018

CEOCFO: Mr. O’Toole, would you tell us the concept behind DroneDek?
Mr. O’Toole: DroneDek is the mailbox of the future. Drones are going to be
delivering multiple packages and different items and there is going to be a big need for a secure convenient hub that will ship and receive those items.

CEOCFO: What have you created?
Mr. O’Toole: DroneDek is going to be a whole ecosystem that will allow the user to literally ship and receive items and it is going to be app-based and all centered around convenience and security. If you have a package, you want to ship, simply get out your phone app and pull up any of the resident
shipping companies such as Fedex, UPS, and DHL. Tap the “ship” icon and put your address in and when the drone shows up to pick up your package
you will be notified that your parcel is on its way. Conversely, if you are expecting a new set of headphones you just ordered from Amazon, when
they show up you will get a text and it will say your new headphones just showed up. You will know exactly what you got and when you got it. Drone
delivery is going to open up a lot of new avenues of convenience that are not around today. Pharmaceutical deliveries may require a heated or cooled cargo area, which is one of our awarded claims in our patent. You will also be able to get a hot pizza, a cold drink, or perhaps just your roomtemp mail. There is every convenience imaginable in the DroneDek through the long hours of brainstorming that were put in. DroneDek also has a heated door, so it can operate in any climate, solar powered or 110 volt power and more.

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