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Drone Delivery System Readies for Global Debut

Thursday, August 5th 2021, 4:28 PM EDTUpdated: Friday, August 6th 2021, 8:10 AM EDTBy Wes Mills, Content Manager INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis-based DRONEDEK is ready to take flight with its smart mailbox delivery system and will perform a public demonstration of its airborne technology...
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Is Drone Delivery Feasible?

The future of drone delivery captivates our imaginations. You might visualize a future where you can place a mobile order and be tracked through your phone’s GPS to enable a drone to find you wherever you are, bringing your food,...
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Are Drones Being Used for Deliveries?

In late 2019, Forbes published an article titled Why The Skies Aren’t Filled With Delivery Drones…Yet as a response to the question that’s since been on every consumer’s mind: Are drones being used for deliveries? At the time, Forbes pointed...
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Drone delivery operations underway in 27 countries

April 7, 2019 Philip Butterworth-Hayes UAS traffic management news Source: Drone postal and goods delivery programmes are underway in 17 countries around the world while 13 countries are pioneering medical/pharmaceutical drone transport services. Altogether, 26 nations of the world...
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