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Dronedek to trial facial recognition mailboxes

 By ELIZABETH BAKER  August 16, 2022 Source: Autonomous delivery company Dronedek has partnered with facial recognition provider Scylla to trial facial recognition services in select phases of testing its mailbox device, which secures and temperature-protects traditionally or autonomously delivered food, mail...
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Put the Kibosh on Porch Piracy

Posted to Politics August 08, 2022 by Paul Steidler Source: America’s crime wave is coming to your front door if it has not hit there already. Porch piracy — the theft of brand-new, unopened items in packages lying just outside the sanctuary...
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Building the Drone Infrastructure Necessary for Scale

by Nicholas Upton | Jul 7, 2022 | Automation, News Source: Before drones are flying around our burritos, prescriptions and maybe giving us a quote on roof repair, we’re going to need some infrastructure to enable this transformation. Even though the Federal Aviation Administration is...
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