NEWS RELEASE: DRONEDEK Drops Plans to Extend Patents to Russia to Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine

Indiana company had planned to offer its mailbox of the future to Russia as part of global roll-out

LAWRENCE, Ind. – Feb 28, 2022/PRNewswire – In response to aggression perpetrated by the Russian government on the Ukrainian people, DRONEDEK Corporation has discontinued its plans to establish its intellectual property in Russia and will not do business in the future with the invading country.

“DRONEDEK is a “we the people” story and we highly value honesty, transparency, integrity and inclusivity and democratic freedoms,” said DRONEDEK Founder and CEO Dan O’Toole. “None of those values are present in the recent hostile act against the Ukrainian people by Russia. DRONEDEK is set to change the last-mile logistics world forever, and we want to stand tall for positive, forward-reaching policies that help people around the globe.”

O’Toole called on other corporate leaders here and abroad to also discontinue working with, or end plans to work with Russia to signal their support for human rights.

“We are a small company right now, and we know our decision on its own won’t mean a lot to others,” O’Toole said. “Collectively, though, the business community can make a difference. We hope others will join us.”

DRONEDEK, whose smart mailboxes are being manufactured in India, is one of the first companies in the world to patent a receptacle designed for both traditional and drone parcel delivery, has spent months working to extend its U.S. patents to be effective in countries like Australia, Brazil, the European Union, Israel, Japan and the United Kingdom among several others. Until yesterday, that list had included Russia.

DRONEDEK’s “mailbox of the future,” is a platform-agnostic smart receptacle designed to consolidate all deliveries to one secure and connected point. The units accept all types of deliveries from any carrier; traditional, robotic, autonomous and drone and keep delivered items away from porch pirates, weather and animals until the user retrieves the products using a smart phone app. Other key features:

• A secure, climate-controlled interior keeps products hot or cold as necessary

• Induction charging unlocks infinite range for drones, scooters and other rechargeable devices

• Emergency services alerts.

About DRONEDEK: DRONEDEK is one of the first companies in the world to focus on drone delivery for commercial and residential use. Its smart mailbox enables customers to fully automate their delivery process for the last inch of the last mile. See the mailbox and learn more at

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