DroneDek, the definitive system to receive packages with drones

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By Brooks -November 28, 2021

They create a cabin to receive packages in a curious way using drones. How would this system work in real life?

In recent years, parcel delivery has grown exponentially. The improvement of online payment systems, together with the development of a much more efficient distribution network, has caused more and more people willing to purchase online a larger part of your shopping cart. In this sense, drones are gaining prominence due to their potential capabilities to replace conventional operators.

Legal barriers, however, are causing this type of innovation to take longer and longer. At the end of the day, regulation is still strong around the areas in which these types of drones can fly. It is true that there are units with sufficient capacity as to transport goods with a certain weight, but its incorporation to the market is not possible due to this problem. Can there be a solution?

Another problem is related to delivery. In order to carry out a distribution with guarantees, a differential proposal has emerged. DroneDek consists of a technology that bases its differentiation on the installation of a kind of cabin with differential qualities. The main objective of this solution lies in automation of package delivery, regardless of whether the person is in a specific place at a specific time.

DroneDek allows you to safely deposit packages in a space from a drone, which does not even need to be grounded. With that, an improvement in the autonomy of the flying unit is achieved, since you do not have to carry out the ascent maneuver if you have to make a delivery according to the system we know. The main key of the proposal, in addition, is directly related to the delivery through a system that will ensure the integrity of the products.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main qualities offered by this curious delivery and distribution system, why it can be a very interesting option to understand to what extent DroneDek can have a future in the sector and, of course, to what extent we will see an incentive in conventional companies to adopt proposals of this kind.

DroneDek, the alternative to facilitate parcel delivery

Package delivery could go the way of DroneDek for years to come. This is what can be deduced after seeing how efficient the prop is designed by this curious manufacturer. It bases its differentiation on the incorporation of a cabin that, inside, incorporates a whole class of additional solutions. Among the most outstanding proposals of the product, it is worth mentioning the innovation it incorporates in terms of safety.

Even under the umbrella of the prototype, it is a representation that perfectly shows how this technology works. It should be noted, without a doubt, how ingenuity is part of his creation. The operation would be very simple, since a rope would allow the package of a drone suspended in the air to be lowered. The connection between the box and the transport unit would allow the exact location to be obtained, making the necessary journey to proceed with the delivery.

Everything seems like it could end there, but the truth is that the system goes much further. DroneDek has carried out intensive analysis to detect what are the possible dangers the package would face theoretically delivered and of course what conditions the package should withstand for a given time. After that, technology has been incorporated to create an appropriate environment for the package during waiting.

A cabin designed to guarantee the integrity of the package
After checking how it would work, it is important to consider how we are faced with a solution designed to preserve the qualities of the package. For example, it has a function to ensure that the interior of the booth is germ-free or bacteria. A UV system makes it possible to frequently decontaminate the cabin, allowing the packages to be better preserved. Something similar happens with the adaptation of the temperature present in the room.

In terms of privacy, it is completely sealed. In order to collect the package, it is essential that the user can demonstrate that he is the legitimate buyer. To do this, the insurance can be unlocked through various mechanisms. Among them, it is worth highlighting the presence of a technology based on facial recognition. Even so, these types of solutions are still to be explored, since it must be remembered that it is a solution that is in the development phase.

And you, do you think that a parcel delivery model of this kind can make sense in the next few years? It is still early to guarantee its suitability. Even so, taking into account the boom that this type of industry is having, it would not be strange to see news of this kind over the next few years.

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