DroneDek: Mailbox on Steroids

Updated: October 10, 2019 — 7:20 pm Tags: DroneDek

By Debra Cleghorn | Source: rotordronepro.com

DroneDek: Mailbox on Steroids

DroneDek says it has been awarded a U.S. patent for what it describes as “last-mile drone delivery.”

The company claims that it will “disrupt the parcel, package and mail delivery industry by leveraging several patent claims…that combine to make it a ‘mailbox on steroids.’”

DroneDek aims to solve drone delivery by offering ultimate convenience. Shipping and receiving with DroneDek are made easy through its intuitive app. Users will receive alerts when their packages ship or arrive. Users will also be notified of what item has arrived and from whom. A heated and cooled cargo area will pave the way for pharmaceutical, food and beverage delivery. DroneDek will operate off of solar or a 110 V power supply, feature a heated door to operate in any climate and host a charging station for delivery drones.

DroneDek allows drones access to its secured cargo area via encrypted coding. Potential users of the DroneDek technology include corporate and enterprise users, the pharmaceutical industry, the food/restaurant industry, Internet retailers and others.

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