Drone Disruptors: DRONEDEK’s Mailbox of the Future

Source: FreightWaves

October 8, 2021

Welcome to this final installment of Drone Disruptors. So far, Modern Shipper has sat down with four CEOs from four of the most dynamic startups in the drone delivery space. Each brings something unique to the industry: Flytrex wants to bring drones to your backyard; Volansi envisions being a fly on the wall; Matternet seeks to fly in cities; and Elroy Air prefers to fly between them.

All of those companies have one thing in common – they produce their own drones. But for this week’s installment, we take a look at a company that’s disrupting drone delivery not with its drones, but with … a mailbox?

“I just think that people are gonna be amazed how they ever got by without a DroneDek because of all the functionality that we’re going to deliver,” Dan O’Toole, chairman and CEO of DroneDek, told Modern Shipper.

DroneDek’s so-called “mailbox of the future” is equipped with security, communication, heating, and cooling technology and a host of other features to give drones the thing they need most – a good place to land. This week, Modern Shipper sat down with O’Toole to talk residential deliveries, hot wings, and the iPhone.

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