Drone Delivery System Readies for Global Debut


Thursday, August 5th 2021, 4:28 PM EDT Updated: Friday, August 6th 2021, 8:10 AM EDT By Wes Mills, Content Manager

Source: insideindianabusiness.com

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis-based DRONEDEK is ready to take flight with its smart mailbox delivery system and will perform a public demonstration of its airborne technology later this month in Lawrence. DRONEDEK says this will be the first time that it will showcase its secure drone delivery system in an open, community event.

While the technology is geared towards package and mail deliveries, DRONEDEK says it plans to deliver an order of hot wings to Lawrence firefighters.  

“First, we’re giving back to first responders who keep us all safe, and second, who doesn’t love the idea of pairing hot wings with airborne delivery,” said DRONEDEK Founder Dan O’Toole. “We couldn’t dream up a more fun way to demonstrate the viability of this technology than with hot wings.”

The mailbox is designed for commercial and residential use, though it expects the initial customer base to be commercial with deliveries mainly to office parks and commercial enterprises.

DRONEDEK is currently building its global headquarters in Lawrence where it is renovating a long vacant building with plans to employ up to 85 employees over the next five years. The company says it has raised more than $5 million from a combination of angel investors and a crowdsourcing campaign.

The demonstration takes place Saturday, August 14 at the Lawrence Community Safety Day.

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