As Inflation Rises, Drone Delivery Is Looking More Viable

by Grant Harrell on Mar 21, 2022 | Source:

As Inflation Rises, Drone Delivery Is Looking More Viable – MarketScale

Drone delivery services have been talked about for years. The idea seemed to be in the world of science fiction with no real chance of becoming part of daily life until now. Three suburban towns in North Carolina are experiencing the joys associated with having deliveries made directly to their backyards. Grant Harrell, host of Are We There Yet?, spoke with Yariv Bash, CEO of Flytrex, regarding the arrival of drone delivery service in America.

“For three towns in North Carolina, the future is already here, and people are ordering from Starbucks, McDonald’s, Walmart, Target, and other venues on a daily basis,” said Bash And, this autonomous direct-to-customer drone delivery service will soon be available in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. It’s truly another evolution in delivery that is not only convenient but has many advantages for consumers and retailers as well as the environment.

To turn this concept into reality, Flytrex needed to identify the most efficient and cost-effective way to serve its clients. To do this, the company has set up stations within shopping centers. This maximizes exposure and allows customers to order from the restaurants and retailers within that shopping center.

Bash explained that another added benefit for restaurants and retailers is the reduced cost of the service. With traditional delivery models, customers may pay a small fee, but a restaurant can pay up to 30% which is not sustainable considering that restaurants do not make a 30% margin on what they sell. This is an “order of magnitude more affordable than using humans,” said Bash.

To address concerns that this service will be a robot taking away another job from a human being, Bash said. “You can actually take that same human, that same courier and if he has a driver’s license, he is basically overqualified to operate our systems. So instead of doing two deliveries per hour in the suburbs, he can make 10/12/15 deliveries per hour using our system.”

Listen in to learn more about this future-forward technology including how these are not your average remote-controlled drones. In fact, they are actually commercial airplanes certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to keep the skies and ground safe for everyone. 

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