Warehouse of the future using drone delivery

Are Warehouses Prepared To Integrate Drone Delivery?

In the past 20 years, warehousing operations have changed drastically to meet today’s fast-paced environment. Warehouses have needed to adapt quickly to the trends that their competition and customers set. These trends will continue to improve, aiming to bring delivery services that are even faster and more convenient.  

One of the biggest advances in delivery technology is drone delivery. By utilizing drones, warehouses can cut last-mile logistics costs and deliver products quicker to consumers. However, the operations of warehouses will need to adjust to integrate this technology. Let’s review some of the changes that warehouses will need to make when integrating drones. 

Creating a Drone-Friendly Warehouse 

The configuration of warehouses has remained largely the same for the last several decades. While warehouses today are built for the current delivery methods, they will need to adjust to utilizing drones effectively. One of the most significant adjustments will be incorporating landing sites and access for drones. 

Whether it’s stretches of open grass outside or open roof hatches on the top of your warehouse, drones need to navigate effectively. Access to charging locations will also need to be incorporated into your newly designed warehouse. If you are operating in a standard warehouse, here are a few things that may pose a problem while using drones: 

  • Low Ceilings: When operating drones within a warehouse, high ceilings will allow for more functionality between workers and drones. 
  • High-Powered Fans: Large fans will disrupt airflow in a warehouse and potentially affect the operations of an automated drone. 
  • Intrusive Shelving: Warehouses with narrow floor-to-ceiling shelving can pose a difficult task for automated GPS navigation. 
  • Large Dock Areas: If implemented on a large scale, the large dock ramps used for large vehicles in a standard warehouse will no longer be necessary. 

Preparing your warehouse for the future is a great way to implement this technology during an ideal time. Getting a headstart in your industry can be incredibly beneficial for the success of your business. If you are considering drone delivery, configure your warehouse for peak efficiency. 

Speeding Up Operations For Faster Processing Times 

At their current state, drones are only capable of transporting one package to their intended location. When integrating drone delivery with your warehousing operations, you will need to shift how you typically operate. Instead of planning to deliver multiple items at once, you will need to adjust to one item per drone. 

Individual drones will also not be limited like delivery vans or trucks, with the ability to deliver packages within minutes of ordering. For time-sensitive items like food, beverages, or medications—your warehouse must be outfitted for quick delivery. The new age of delivery will require streamlined thinking and flexible warehousing processes.

Training Staff To Integrate With Drone Technology 

While integrating drone deliveries into a warehouse, many integration challenges will be training warehouse employees for these new never before seen tasks. Drone delivery is still in its infancy, with the majority of warehousing staff not familiar with drones. If you want smooth warehouse operations, training should be a top priority. 

Planning the logistics will also not be familiar to managers, requiring them to master the process. As of now, drone delivery will play a secondary role in the delivery process for companies. Creating a streamlined process that incorporates drones and other delivery vehicles is an essential step for success. 

Drone deliveries will also require specialized talent that will help you manage the warehousing process. Someone who has eyes on the drone delivery process throughout the day can ensure that everything is running smoothly. Maintaining your fleet of drones will also require staff with specialized skills for repairs and maintenance. 

Adjusting Delivery Management Software 

Fleet management software will be the heart of every automated drone delivery operation. For companies looking to manage a large fleet of drones, you will need specialized software that helps track deliveries. An advanced fleet management software helps to plan and execute long-range deliveries that are safe. 

If you plan to incorporate a large-scale drone delivery process, you will need management software that can account for dozens of deliveries per hour. Fortunately, there are new advancements in software that provide real-time updates that make managing deliveries far easier. 


There’s no denying that drone delivery will be a revolutionary change in the way we do business. However, like all new technology, there may be some growing pains for the warehousing sector. Adjusting your warehouse space to allow free access for drones and training employees will require some focused effort—but it will be worth it.  

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