A Letter Looking Back on 2021 and Wishing You Happy New Year

by Dan O’Toole, DRONEDEK Chairman & CEO

Hey Guys,

As the new year approaches, I would like to reflect on 2021 with fondness while at the same time greeting the new one with excitement and optimism. The team and I are all so proud of our accomplishments and milestones achieved in 2021, from growing our amazing community of investors to over 5000+ strong to all the wonderful partnerships we have cultivated. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and interest in DRONEDEK, for seeing the vision and acting on it with us.

I would like to highlight a few of our key accomplishments from this past year:

  • Earning the distinction of being the highest valuation, pre-revenue company to ever successfully crowdfund since the inception of crowdfunding
  • Receiving our first working prototype
  • Participating in a number of demos
  • Taking delivery of our first production units
  • Partnering with: Oracle, BEL, Helium, Airspace Link, Robotic Skies, Airgility, and more!
  • And announcing Lawrence, IN as the location for our first pilot program starting in 2022!

The year to come will be full of challenges and accomplishments alike, but we are ready and excited to face all 2022 has in store for us and to make our community proud. Every day the DRONEDEK vision is being realized by more and more people worldwide and this is only the beginning for us. So, here’s to 2022, Let’s make history!

Together the future!

Dan O’Toole


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