Emergency Alarms

Sensor technology that can detect explosives and biohazards and that will report threat to emergency services, lock down your DRONEDEK and report to its user

Flood Light

a flood light energized by a motion detector for enhanced area security

Heated Door

a heated door to remain operational in any climate

Secure Storage

a means of preserving and securely storing the delivered goods in the interior of the drone docking station

Conventional Mail Delivery

a letter slot allowing for one way deposits of mail

Solar Panel Drone Charging

a solar panel mounted on the drone docking station

Power Sources

a set of other power sources which include a connection to a 110v power supply, onboard battery power, and/or wind power

Smart Grid Replacement Service

an autonomous battery exchange/smart grid replacement service

Motorized Door

a motorized sliding door

Wind Block

a wind block

DRONEDEK Communications

GPS Information

is capable of communicating GPS information

Status Updates

has information on any of charging status, takeoff status, or delivery status to one or more parties

Direct Drone Communication

has a means of communication between the drone and the drone docking station

Drone Location

has a means of locating the drone docking station such that the drone may accurately approach and dock with the drone docking station

Second Phase Navigation

second phase navigation for guiding a drone into a final landing position on the docking station

Bluetooth Enabled

bluetooth enabled

Speaker System

two-way speaker system for real-time communication and for the ability to play programmed music and more

DocuSign Enabled

DocuSign compatible allowing for acceptance of registered and certified deliveries


Security Cameras

a mounted security camera; both inside and outside of the drone docking station

Unlocking Capabilities

ability to unlock the drone docking station through an entered code, a key, a keypad, a fob or through unlocking via a mobile electronic device software application

Encrypted Codes

an engagement signal wave between the drone and the drone docking station, triggering the transmission of an encrypted code to unlock the DRONEDEK

Secure Compartment

a docking station wherein disengagement of the drone from the docking station triggers the container to securely close

Tag and Track Capability

ability to “paint” targets for tag and track capability as they move through the ecosystem

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