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Dronedek holds a robust first-position patent portfolio for secure drone package receiving and storage. Our next-gen smart mailboxes accept all types of deliveries and pickups including food, parcel, medical, and traditional mail.
We’re using a platform-agnostic approach to consolidate and funnel deliveries (and pickups) from all carriers, couriers, and logistics services to set (GPS-verified) locations. The versatility of each unit means that it’s compatible with a wide range of delivery services including conventional, autonomous, robotic, and drone delivery methods. 
All the value gained through fast, green, convenient and cost-effective delivery strategies can evaporate however when your package is compromised. Weather, animals, package thieves, and more can befall your packages unless they’ve been safely deposited for you in your next-gen mailbox.

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Feb 2022 - Nasdaq calls Dronedek about featuring them on their iconic NYC tower

Before there was space travel, there was an idea. Before there was ever an automobile, somebody had an idea. Before there was telephone communication, it all began with an idea. We have an idea… and it goes like this:

Someday soon all of your purchases will be delivered to you by drone. A drone can be an aerial craft, it can be a driverless vehicle, or it can be a robot.  You may even still receive deliveries conventionally, via a mailman or a UPS guy. One thing they’ll all have in common is the endpoint that is Dronedek.

The mailbox has not been disrupted since 1858 when it was first conceived. While the phone, the automobile, air travel and all of the other conveniences of our day-to-day lives have been updated, mailboxes have remained the same. Dronedek brings the mailbox into the 21st-century with all of the modern conveniences you have come to expect and enjoy in making your life easy, efficient and cost-effective.

While drone delivery will increase efficiency, lower costs, raise convenience and speed, that only solves half of the equation. To complete the final-mile solution you must have a safe, secure, and weatherproof receptacle, that is capable of holding your packages and notifying you of their delivery (or pickup). That’s where Dronedek comes in. Dronedek completes the last-mile solution through its smart mailbox, app-driven solution and marketplace.

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A scenario of your Dronedek making life easier:

You’re heading home after a long day at work. Your youngest child stayed home sick from school today and has a never-ending list of demands such as “Mom, I don’t feel well please order me chicken soup from Soup Shack” and “Mom, I don’t feel well please get me some medicine.”

You, exhale and smile as you open up the Dronedek App and begin to enter your daughter’s requests. The Dronedek App connects you directly to Soup Shack where, with the press of a button, your daughter’s order is placed. In the background Soup Shack communicates with your Dronedek telling it to turn on the heat so that their special recipe soup will be kept warm for your daughter.

You then switch to your Drugstore order. Drugstore knows your family because you’ve used the Dronedek App to order prescriptions before. You order her a prescription for delivery, and in the background Drugstore notifies your Dronedek to turn on its cooling. Her much-needed medicine arrives chilled and stays effective. On your drive home, your Dronedek App notifications alert you that both of your orders are arriving.

As you turn into your driveway, you stop to open your Dronedek and easily retrieve the comfort that you ordered for your child. You walk in the house and greet your sweetheart with warm soup and needed medicine to help get her on the path to recovery.

Protected, connected, secure. Peace of mind starts with Dronedek.

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